Pregnant? Unsure?

Unsure if you’re pregnant? Want the answer so you can stop asking, “What if?” We understand the need to have clear results.

If you suspect you are pregnant, taking a reliable pregnancy test you can trust is the next step. This will help confirm pregnancy and give you the answer you need to move forward.

Qualified and Licensed

Here at Stillwater Life Services, we are a fully qualified facility with licensed medical professionals who can assist you in receiving accurate results you can rely on. A medical proof of pregnancy can be provided upon request.

During this process, you shouldn’t be left alone without support or answers. We’re here to provide both compassionate care and medically accurate information so you can decide what’s next. No matter the results, our team is ready and prepared to stand next to you and walk this journey alongside you. You’re not alone!

What Kind of Pregnancy Tests Are Provided?

We provide highly accurate urine pregnancy tests. These tests are medically trusted and provide very accurate results when used correctly. Together with our qualified medical team, we can ensure you get reliable answers.

Is Testing Free?

Pregnancy testing is completely free of charge and is a complimentary service. Insurance is not required, and there will be no copay.

Will My Results Remain Confidential?

Yes, we protect your results and private information and do not share with anyone but you. All your information will remain confidential, including appointments, services, and test results.

When Will I Receive My Results?

You receive same-day pregnancy test results during your free appointment.

How Do I Prepare?

There is little preparation for this appointment. However, ensuring you are adequately hydrated is helpful so that you can provide a good urine sample for the test. There is no need to over-hydrate, as this can cause the sample to become diluted. We also provide water at our center, where you can hydrate as needed.

Schedule your no-cost pregnancy test appointment today!